Course | Learn 22 Fun Magic Tricks: Ultimate Beginners Magic

Learn 22 Fun Magic Tricks: Ultimate Beginners Magic

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A fun packed magic course with 22 fully explained magic tricks plus bonus material. Immediate access on purchase.


Trick 16: Glass Through Table

Trick Difficulty: 5

A perfect trick for any dinner party.  A drinking glass disappearing through a table!  Stunning and dramatic and all you need is a glass and a napkin!

Trick 6: Banknote Levitation

Trick Difficulty: 5

A floating note? Yes and no strings! Easy to produce, easier to execute but a stunning trick to make a bank note levitate into the air!

Trick 19: Lottery Surprise

Trick Difficulty: 6

A wonderful trick.  Even in slow motion its hard to see how its ever possible to convert a lottery ticket into a £20 note.  Watch James show you the full trick on the learner, in slow motion and on the public.  Followed by a full detailed explanation.  Master this trick and you will be on your way to magic stardom!

Trick 20: Ash Through Hand

Complexity: Easy

Trick Difficulty: 6

Watch ash [or lipstick] move miraculously through one hand onto another.   A great magic routine which will leave your audience believing in miracles!

Trick 18: Win/Lose or Straw

Trick Difficulty: 3

Tie two straws together and then watch them come apart with a simple blow!  A simple trick involving only two straws.

Trick 11: Hindu Force Description

Trick Difficulty: 4

A very powerful trick which you can practice to perfection. Once perfected there will be no stopping you. A fantastically easy card trick to predict a pre-identified card as written on a folded piece of paper. Tailor this trick to make it personal and watch your audience baffle in amazement.

Trick 9: Ring Up

Trick Difficulty: 2

Ever seen a ring rise upwards? A visually impressive trick involving a ring and a rubber band.
A simple trick which can be performed anywhere.

Trick 7: Impossible Prediction

Trick Difficulty: 5

A very clever trick indeed. Really shows off how cunning these magicians are! Correctly
predict a name from a random set. This one will leave your audience scratching their heads
wondering how it was done.

Trick 4: Penny be Gone

Trick Difficulty: 4

Make a penny disappear! An active and humorous trick involving a coin and a pen. Effective
acting required here and you will develop the skill of misdirection to master this fun trick. You will get a great response every time.

Trick 13: French Drop

Trick Difficulty: 8

Want to be a magician, well you really need this trick in your repertoire. Make a coin
disappear and re-appear with fantastic magical effect. Top tips and advice from James will
have you mater this one in no time.

Trick 14: Matchbox Restored

Trick Difficulty: 7

Another clever trick which appears to restore a burnt match back into a folding matchbox.
This trick applies hand palming and misdirection to impress each and every time.

Trick 8: Patio Force Prediction

Trick Difficulty: 5

Force a prediction on your audience. They will pick a card marked “Pick Me” from what appears to be a completely random selection process. A super easy trick which only requires a set of playing or business cards. Watch James also perform this trick on un-suspecting members of the public.

Trick 2: Coin Matrix

Trick Difficulty: 6

Make coins jump!  One of the most stunning tricks on the course.  Only 4 coins and 4 cards required.  Amaze your friends with this visually stunning magic trick.

Trick 5: Cups and Balls

Trick Difficulty: 3

A fantastic magic routine involving …… cups and balls! Sponge balls jump and disappear. A complete trick routine that you will want to master and show off over and over again. Every budding magician should master this one.

Trick 15: Spongyness 1, 2, 3

Trick Difficulty: 7

Fun name for a fun trick.  A complete magic routine which is humorous, a challenge,
keeps your audience guessing and requires putting into practice a handful of magicians secrets.

Trick 10: Flash Card Reveal

Trick Difficulty: 5

A truly amazing card trick. Make the card selected by the participate flip over when the pack is dropped. A stunning, effective and professional card trick.

Trick 3: X Marks the Spot

Trick Difficulty: 3

A card trick with a difference. X marks the spot will leave your audience puzzled as to how you did it. Its plain clever when you find out how!

Trick 21: Strike Vanish

Trick Difficulty: 8

Make a coin disappears with the strike of a pen then make it re-appear from the pen lid. A trick for all of you who want to challenge yourself.  Easy to make look awful but hard to master. Perform it correctly and reap the reward of a super magic trick.

Trick 22: Cup and Down

Trick Difficulty: 1

A gotcha trick requiring only three cups.  See how many drinks you can win with this one.  Easy for you to do, impossible for others. Enjoy.

Trick 1: Find the Queen

Trick Difficulty: 3

One of the oldest magic tricks out there, often used to make lots of money!  This is a simple yet highly impressive trick.  Guarantees a wow ‘magical moment’.  Requires minor set up but its well worth it!  Enjoy.

Trick 12: Change Up

Trick Difficulty: 6

This tricks brings together a lot of what has been taught in previous lessons. Two card lift, Hindu Force Prediction, Misdirection, Reverse Shuffle and lots more. A full magical routine which not only makes a card appear to change in the participants hand but correctly predict their chosen card.