Course | Cake Making and Decorating Masterclass Course

Cake Making and Decorating Masterclass Course

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A comprehensive baking course covering; equipment, essential recipes, covering cakes, decorating, projects, top tips and ideas. 14 fully expert lessons plus downloadable lesson notes. Immediate access on purchase.


Lesson 1: Essential Equipment

In this opening lesson Beth covers the essential equipment required for baking, preparing and decorating cakes. This lesson is full of hints and tips on choosing the equipment and professional recommendations for budding bakers.

Lesson 2: Three Essential Sponge Cake Recipes

In this lesson Beth teaches, step-by-step, how to make three essential sponge cake recipes.  A mouth-watering Madagascan Vanilla Bean cake, a moist Lemon Drizzle cake and a delicious Carrot Cake with a hint of spice.  Learn the perfect mix and sequence for great tasting cakes.  Lesson includes how to scale recipes, professionally lining your tin, importance of getting air into your cake, how to check your cake is cooked and how to store your cakes.  Along the way Beth reveals industry secrets and top tips on perfect baking every time.

Lesson 3: Preparing Your Cake

In this lesson Beth and Masa show you how to prepare a cake like a pro. You will learn; different torting methods (slicing your cake) including measuring, marking and cutting, how to level your cake, making classic butter-cream and essential piping skills.

Lesson 4: Coating Your Cake – Icing Alternatives

In this lesson Beth and Masa demonstrate several methods on how to coat your cake as an alternative to icing. Learn how to crumb-coat with butter-cream (sealing the cake, use of a pallet knife, side scraper), coating with delicious chocolate ganache, coating a cake with stunning piped butter-cream roses and with coloured butter-cream.

Lesson 5: Icing Your Cake

This lesson is all about icing and icing techniques. You will learn how to ice your cake like a pro! This lesson is full of essential tips and advice to preparing and working with icing. Learn to prepare your cake for icing, selecting and rolling your icing, using icing smoothers for a silky finish, using sugar paste, icing your board, icing a circular cake and icing a square cake.

Lesson 6: Chocolate

This lesson is all about that innocent commodity, chocolate! Beth and Masa will take you step-by-step into to make a perfect-moist-classic-chocolate-cake. You will also learn different chocolate decorations and how to work with chocolate modelling paste and chocolate sugar paste. The lesson ends with a look at making and applying chocolate ganache to cover your cake.

Lesson 7: Fruit Cake Baking

A fruit cake recipe that will want you making this cake over and over again. You will learn how to make a light moist version of a classic fruit cake. The lesson covers preparing the perfect mix and is full of useful advice on getting the most out of your flavours, how to store and keep your fruit cake for months and ends with tips on nut/alcoholic alternatives.

Lesson 8: Fruit Cake Covering and Marzipan

This lesson builds on Lesson 7 to cover the top and sides of a circular fruit cake with marzipan. Every detail from preparing, rolling, attaching and filling gaps with marzipan. You will also learn how to smoothen marzipan and lots more insight from an industry pro for a perfect marzipan finish.

Lesson 9: Simple Pretty Decorations

A very detailed and insightful lesson on the topic of cake decorating. Beth shows how very detailed and complex looking cake decorations can be easily achieved by everyone. Beth puts into practice the essential decorating tools covered in Lesson 1 to demonstrate a whole array for decoration from cute 3D characters to stunning flowers, petals, leaves, roses etc. Full of useful tips and ideas, this lesson is essential for anybody wanting to add a professional look and touch to your cakes.

Lesson 10: Delicious and Stunning Cupcakes

This lesson is all about cupcakes. A very comprehensive lesson from which you can turn out-of-the-oven plain cupcakes into something wow using foam balls, piping, modelling, cutters, sugar flowers, stencils to create cupcakes that will look as good as they taste. You will learn all about cupcake cases, correctly filling cupcakes to size and three different cupcake butter-cream topping ideas. The second half of this lesson looks at decorating cupcakes. This includes; rolling sugar paste, using cutters to make pretty cupcake decorations, dome topped decorations, scalloped flower shapes, rose petals and leaves, ribbon roses, adding textured effects, attaching decorations. The lesson ends on the topic of royal icing; making royal icing, piping royal icing and stenciling.

Lesson 11: Fun Cakes to Make With Kids

Baking and cake decorating are great ways to involve and interact with children. In this lesson Beth shares innovative and creative ideas for fun cakes to make with kids. These are personalised cakes and decorations which children will cherish and be proud of. Learn how to make a striking crumb coated and butter-cream covered 7 egg stacked rainbow cake. Also learn fun ways for kids to personalise cakes and make fun simple animal shapes.

Lesson 12: The Perfect Birthday Cake

A striking 2-tier cake sure to please everyone. Beth shows step-by-step how to make and decorate this perfect birthday cake. A sure winner for any birthday party. This lesson is packed with excellent decorating tips and methods which can be tailored to suit your own unique cake designs.

Lesson 13: Carved 3D Pig in Mud Cake

The grand finale, putting all the skills you’ve learnt to make a fabulous looking carved 3D Pig in Mud cake. Achievable by everyone, this is a striking cake with fun results to really wow your friends and family. Beth takes you through step-by-step from start to finish and, as always, lots of professional insight and useful advice along the way.

Bonus Lesson: Cactus Pot Cake

A bonus lesson which teaches a creative way to add detail to your cake. In this case Beth has constructed a cactus tree to sit on top of an inverted carved sponge base. Very simple to make but hugely impressive and fun. In this lesson you will learn how to work with marshmallow and rice krispies to make cactus arms, how to support the tree, rolling coloured icing to cover the branches, attaching the icing and using a sugar shaper to make the cactus veins.